Sunday, December 23, 2012


Fromsport - Money is a very good thing to have in a world like this. Money can buy almost everything. Since Europe and the whole world are in crisis, all you need is a fresh money flow, with an oil scent. PSG is one of the most popular teams in France and Europe. The club has gone through some difficulties during past decades and… the good prince came on a pale horse in the center of Europe. The prince has a difficult to pronounce name, but money talks and everything is right - FromSport. Now PSG is one of the richest clubs in France, spending a lot of money for transfers, signing contracts with huge names such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Carlo Ancelotti. Anything but a title in the French Championship would be considered as a failure.
Today PSG is comfortably on the first place in France making the best start of the Championship in years. The team played 11 games and gained 22 points. Besides Ibra, in the squad there are players like Alex, Thiago Silva, Lavezzi and Thiago Motta- they know how to win the big matches. Surprisingly or not PSG does not have the best attack in the French League; the team scored 17 goals, which is the 6th best result. The thing that makes PSG better than the rest French teams is defense. The team has the best defense, with only 7 goals conceded in 11 matches- a good result for a new team.
The club is aiming next year`s Champions League as the new owners do not want to spend money for future projects- they want success as soon as possible. Rumors have linked PSG with Mourinho and Ronaldo as new adding to the stars in the French team. The winter transfer window is coming and it`s going to be interesting in Paris.

Monday, August 27, 2012

FromSport online

FromSport - The English Premier League is getting more interesting year by year. It was long ago when the title pretenders were two or three teams, such as Liverpool and Manchester United. Then the Premier League became a game of four. For a decade the title runners-up were teams like Arsenal Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Today, due to the money of foreign investors we can witness more intriguing games and more world class players. The money put in the Manchester City selection made the team one of the best not only in England - Fromsport.
Since the ban for the English teams to participate in the European tournaments and the Manchester United uprising, the English clubs have gained a lot of popularities and fans worldwide. The English Premier League is the most televised Championship in the world. Fans from USA to Japan live and breathe with their football heroes. The English teams play every year exhibition matches in countries like USA, Malaysia and China. To own an English club has become not only profitable business, but most of all a matter of prestige.
The world soccer map is changing very fast. Teams without rich football history look forward to win something more than praise. All you need is a kick, such as money. Of course there are exceptions- teams like Manchester United and Barcelona showed that if a team has good manager, the results are soon to come. The question is how long it will take for a coach to turn his team into a first class club. The Barcelona`s ex-coach Guardiola needed couple of seasons to bring the European title back to Cataluña. Sir Alex felt hard times in the first Manchester United seasons, but now his club is the most popular and richest team in the world Fromsport.
Nevertheless, the football is an unpredictable game, that`s why it is the most popular sport in the world. Money is the matter, but the world wants new heroes. They are somewhere in Africa, Europe or Brazil, hungry for glory and success.